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If you ever find yourself in Chicago the second Saturday of the month,  and you have a craving for some Torsk, the solution may be a visit to the Chicago Torske Klub. - Stavanger Aftenblad - 26 May 2006

Welcome to the Chicago Torske Klub Web Site at torskeklub.org! It's good to be in Chicago on the second Saturday of the month.  We will update this monthly for current events and dinner meeting news.

December 10, 2022 - Christmas Celebration

Join us for a day of Christmas celebration, singing and stories from our perennial leader Pastor David Langseth, accompanied by his family and Kathleen West on piano. This year we invite our spouses, friends and their wives to make the day even more festive.

November 12, 2022 - World War 1 by Gary Midkiff

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.....

Europe stopped fighting. The late involvement of the United States army had tipped the scales of the conflict and Germany asked for an armistice before their armies were pushed backward into their country. Sadly, the Armistice set the scene for the Treaty of Versailles, which one historian has described as "the peace to end all peace". His program covered the war from our involvement at Cantigny (and other battles) through the negotiations regarding that treaty.
Gary Midkiff is the founder of the Kennan Group and author of the novel "Busville". He has given numerous TED talks.

October 8, 2022 - Leif Erikson by Dr. Charles Peterson

The luncheon for October celebrated the discovery of America. We were pleased to welcome Dr. Charles Peterson to our podium to discuss Leif Erikson. This was timely as October 9 is Leif Erikson day.

September 10, 2022 - Luncheon Resumes

We resume our luncheons as a meet and greet with our members, Cocktails, luncheon and raffle. Bring a story or two to share.

Please note that this luncheon price remains $35, as in the last months.

We continue to watch the COVID-19 situation. We are obligated to follow state and local rules for separation and masking if needed, as well as any requirements of the Elk's Club on the day of the luncheon. We know that the elks are anxious to see us, and we understand that seating may be a little more spaced for them and us. We rely on your good judgement at the luncheon.

Torske Klub Members - January 2020

The reservation line is (847)886-4841   Leave a message with reservations noting name, member number and number of reservataions.
Alternately, send an email to reservations @torskeklub.com

See some photos in our picture book

Special Items

  • Don Hoganson is honored with Royal Norwegian Order of Merit in 2009
  • Alfred Newgard's Pea Soup (erttesuppe) Recipe
  • The Three Kings - by Rob Alsaker - Submitted in the May 2007 newsletter, this is an article about Robert and Evy Alsaker's adventure in Norway searching for the origins of a photo of the three kings of Scandinavia Countries and ending up viewing the compass that Roald Amundsen took to the South Pole.
  • Check out the photo album for some of the pictures from May 2007 events and the NACC trip to Tromso in July.
  • Photos of Rob and Evy Alsaker as they attended the Brooklyn NY Syttende Mai Parade in 2008
  • Chicago Norske Klub Book - History of the Norske Klub, where the Torske Klub was founded and hosted until the 1980s. Good memories of the artifacts and people provided by Robert Alsaker.
  • Chicago Norske Klub 40th Anniversary - 40th anniversary book, provided by Robert Alsaker.
  • Recollections of Chicago Torske Klub, by Dr. Ray Newgard on the 62nd Anniversary


    Future Events 2022-2023 Season

    Future events are our Saturday luncheons, every 2nd Saturday of every month that contains the letter "R", plus May. Watch our site or Facebook for schedule changes.

    • September 10, 2022 - Luncheon Rebooted - New season
    • October 8, 2022 - Luncheon -
    • November 13, 2021 - Luncheon - Prof Gary Midkiff -the 104th Anniversary of 1918 WW1 armistice Day
    • December 10, 2021 - Luncheon - Christmas party
    • January 14, 2022 - Luncheon - Sweater Day
    • February 11, 2022 - Luncheon - Ladies Day -
    • March 11, 2022 - Luncheon - Father son daughter day
    • April 8, 2022 - Luncheon
    • May 6, 2022 (Note Change in Date to 1st Sat.) - Luncheon- 63rd Anniversary of the Chicago Torske Klub
    • May 12-14, 2022 - Weekend of various Norwegian Constitution Day events
    • June, July and August we fish, golf and enjoy the summer.


    Note to all Torske Klub Members:

    By resolution of the Board of Directors, the Torske Klub will provide a single, free raffle ticket to all members who bring one or more guests to a meeting, excluding father/son and ladies day.

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