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Photo Viewer for the Chicago Torske Klub

Enclosed are photos of some of the events and dinners arranged as a "Photo Album" page,
if your browser viewer is able to support the album program. Click on the photo to see a larger view popup.





- View pictures in this window.
- View pictures in remote window.
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How to use this console:

  1. Choose the Category of Photos to View in the Dropdown list that says "Choose a category..."
  2. The list at the left will fill with the titles of the photos for that category
  3. Use the >> or << button to display the next or previous photo on the list. The "Random" button displays a photo at random.
  4. The "Viewer Picture" buttons either displays the pictures in the area above, or open up a new window for a full size picture.
  5. The "Slideshow" button displays a photo automatically, every 10 seconds (or whatever value you enter). Use the "Photo Album" button to display the photos yourself with the >> or << buttons.
  6. You can optionally search for a key word or phrase in  the "Search for a Photo" box. The "Find it!" button displays a list of qualifying photos. 

Note that not all browsers will support this viewer.

This viewer is supplied by http://www.kitykity.com . See that web site for terms and conditions of use.

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