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Request for Speakers

The Chicago Torske Klub is always interested in appropriate speakers for our Saturday luncheon.

If you or your organization is interested in speaking at our dinner, please contact our program chairman at programs@torskeklub.com .  We would like to discuss whether your topic is appropriate for our group.

We have had professional and amateur speakers from such diverse fields as sports, business, politics, government, authors, professions and hobbies. We have had speakers from state, local, federal and international locations. Check our past meetings for the type of discussions we have had. 

The dinner starts at 1pm, we usually have our speaker talk from 2pm to 2:45 pm, typically we open the floor for questions and comments as appropriate.  The dinner is moderated by one of our members.

We are an informal, not-for-profit organization. A large honorarium is not practical for us, but we have some funds to help reimburse your speaking expenses, if any. Of course, the dinner is our treat. You'll enjoy the day. Many of our speakers have even joined our little group as members!
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